Awards for Excellence in Postgraduate Medical Education


These awards recognize outstanding contributions of faculty members who teach medical residents and fellows; develop, organize and administer training programs; develop innovative approaches to teaching, research, and evaluation; or serve as mentors and advocates to postgraduate medical trainees.


Up to 4 awards may be presented annually, and each winner will receive a certificate with a financial prize. Winners will be notified directly and will be recognized at the Faculty’s Annual Educational Achievement Day.

Nomination process

Application may be made to 2 categories of awards:

  1. Development/Innovation in Postgraduate Education (e.g. leadership and organization skills; course/curriculum development, evaluation tools; develop new instructional methods/modules; restructuring of teaching/evaluation component, workshops, CanMEDS roles).
  2. Teaching Performance/Mentorship/Advocacy (e.g. acknowledgement of continuous or long-term excellence in instruction, career counseling, promotion of collegiality, role model, service as Program Director).

Criteria and Considerations

  • Nominations must be submitted by the Department Chair, after review and ranking by an internal department committee.
  • All nomination packages must be submitted electronically as attached PDF files with the checklist form
  • The nomination cover letter must be addressed to Dr. Meredith Giuliani, Associate Dean, and must reference the award category
  • Two letters of reference are also to be included, one of which must be from a postgraduate medical resident. Samples of work/course outlines, etc. may also be included
  • A previous winner may be nominated for an award in the same category only after a lapse
    of 3 years.
  • A previous winner may be nominated for an award in a different category from a previous award at any time


The electronic submission packages must include the following required documents as well as a completed check list. Please mark each box with a check and submit it along electronically with the other 5 required documents in PDF. Without the completed checklist form the nomination will be considered incomplete.

  1. Letter from the Department Chair
  2. 2 Reference letters: 1 from a Postgraduate medical resident and 1 from Other
  3. Curriculum Vitae (abbreviated CVs will be accepted)
  4. Teaching dossier, including details of course and methodologies for improving effectiveness of teaching or other, as appropriate
  5. Evaluation Records (Summary only – not all the individual evaluations)

Please download and complete the Electronic Checklist & Guidelines prior to submitting the nomination package.

Selection Process

The nominations will be reviewed and ranked by the Postgraduate Teaching Awards Committee. The nominating chairs and winners will be notified by the end of March.

If you have any questions, please contact Arlene McKinley.

* Incomplete applications will be discarded without consideration

Current & Past Winners

Please see below the list of award recipients, or view the recipient gallery.

Development & InnovationTeaching Performance, Mentorship & Advocacy
2023Nisha Andany2023Daniel Gorman
Frances Wright
2022Sacha Agrawal2022David Chan
Robert MadanBobby Yanagawa
2021Ahmed Al Awamer2021Adrienne Tan
Ebru KayaNatalie Wong
Mark Fefergrad
2020Rafael Alonso-Gonzalez2020Ian Johnson
Shirley TseScott Walsh
2019Joan Lipa2019Peter Ferguson
Veronica WadeyJeannette Goguen
2018Lynfa Stroud2018Abhaya Kulkarni
Sandra de MontbrunDavid Tang-Wai
John Thenganatt
2017Paolo Campisi2017Najma Ahmed
Teodor GrantcharovJonathan Hunter
2016Christopher Hicks
2016Scott Berry
Nicholas Pimlott
2015Jordan Chenkin
2015Lesley Wiesenfeld
Michael PollanenEric Yu
2014Oleg Safir2014Ronald Kodama
Ari Zaretsky
Steven Shadowitz
2013Marika Hohol2013Caroline Chessex
Markku NousiainenPaul Greig
2012Rodrigo Cavalcanti2012Robert Mustard
Peter FergusonHeather Ross
2011Albert Yee2011Paul Bernstein
Eric YuYuna Lee
2010Karl Iglar2010William Macrae
William KraemerSheila Weitzman
2009Lee Errett2009Robert Bristow
Christopher Wallace
2008Chi Ming Chow2008Jonathan Pirie
Benjamin SaxonScott Walsh
2007Gyl Midroni2007Wayne Gold
Ian WitterickHeather Shapiro
2006Glen Bandiera2006Wai-Ching Lam
Ophyr Mourad
2005Kevin Imrie2005Steven Shumak
Helen MacRae
2004Allan S. Kaplan2004Rory Windrim
David McKnight
David W. Tannenbaum
2003Pamela Catton2003Susan Lieff
Susan TalletRobert Silver
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