Workplace & Environmental Health & Safety

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Workplace and environmental health and safety includes:

  • Hazardous materials including radiation safety, chemical spills, and indoor air quality


Before you start your rotation:

Have you been oriented to the relevant workplace safety guidelines?

  • Your program will have guidelines to address exposures specific to each of your training sites (e.g., radiation safety, hazardous materials, infection control). Make sure you are aware of these and know what to do in risk situations.
  • Know how to assess risks in your work/learning environment and how to minimize exposures to hazardous situations

During your rotation:

  • Participate in required safety sessions
  • Make use of all necessary safeguards and precautions recommended by the site policies including protective equipment

Post exposure follow-up:

If you feel your safety concerns were not resolved in an acceptable manner, there are a number of options you can pursue. These are outlined in the PGME Health and Safety Guidelines Reporting Protocol for Breaches of Safety.


  • PGME Health and Safety Guidelines
  • The safety policy of your specific training program. This is an accreditation standard and all programs have one or make reference to one.
  • The Occupational Health and Safety policies and procedures of the site where you are training
  • How to contact your training site’s Occupational Health Office
  • The PARO contract
  • The Occupational Health and Safety Act
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