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Program Transfers

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The University of Toronto Postgraduate Medical Education Office (PGME) tries to provide opportunities for program transfer to its trainees. At the beginning of January each year, the Postgraduate Dean sends an email to PGY1 and PGY2 residents, as well as other PGY residents who have indicated a desire to transfer, informing them of this opportunity and advising them of the principles and procedures of the transfer process, which can be viewed on the PGME website.

There is also the “National Transfer Guidelines”, which outline the national transfer process and timelines, if you are interested in transferring external to UofT. External requests are usually considered after the second iteration of CaRMS.

After review of the guidelines, the PGME office is available to answer any further questions you might have regarding the transfer process. Any queries related to transfers can be sent to

A reminder that members of our Postgraduate Wellness Office are available to speak to residents regarding any academic or personal issues, including wellness and career planning.  Appointments can be made through the Wellness Coordinator at

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