Learner Mistreatment

We are here for you, feel free to contact us if you want to discuss, disclose or report something that has happened.

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Connect with Someone Disclose or Report Mistreatment


These webpages are here to support all residents and clinical fellows (including International Medical Graduates (IMGs) and externally sponsored learners), as well as visiting elective learners who are registered with PGME.

Call 911 or seek immediate assistance from onsite security or other authorities if you are concerned about impending harm to yourself or others. Contact a designated PGME Program leader only after your safety is ensured.

We place the utmost importance on your safety and well-being. If you have experienced or witnessed behaviour that you perceive or suspect of being mistreatment, you can discuss, disclose, or report the concerning behaviour. Please come forward even if all you would like to do is talk. 

We encourage all members of the Faculty of Medicine Community, including students, to practice allyship by disclosing or reporting mistreatment witnessed in the learning environment, even if not experienced directly.

Information for AVP and/or PEAP Learners

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Dr. Reena Pattani – Director of Learner Experience, Temerty Faculty of Medicine

I am a clinician-teacher in the Department of Medicine and a staff physician in Internal Medicine at St Michael’s Hospital, Unity Health Toronto. I have worked with learners at all levels on the frontlines and also served as the Internal Medicine clerkship site co-director and the General Internal Medicine Fellowship site director at my hospital. In these roles, my goal has been to help learners thrive, and not just survive, through their training. Training to become a physician is challenging in so many ways, and we have a responsibility to ensure that you have support and guidance to become the best versions of yourselves. If you feel unsettled by something that you have experienced or witnessed, I am here for you to unpack it and determine next best steps. I will earn your trust and work hard to be your advocate. Please feel free to contact me anytime!

Dr. Chetana Kulkarni – PGME Liaison, Learner Experience Office, Temerty Faculty of Medicine

I’m a clinician-teacher in the Department of Psychiatry and a staff physician at SickKids. I have held several educational leadership roles over my career so far, and in the past few years I have been most interested in themes of physician health, learner experience, as well as equity, diversity and inclusion. Negative experiences effect learners’ clinical encounters, capacity to learn, and their own health. Yet learners often experience being silenced due to power differentials. I hope that I can help you as a learner to better understand these experiences, including the impact that they may have on you, as well as the resources that exist that can help to address learner mistreatment.


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