How do I Disclose or Report?

Using the Disclosure Form

  1. The first step to either disclosing or reporting is to use the PGME Disclosure Form. The form is an online tool that you can use to reach out and provide information to a designated PGME Program Leader regarding any behaviour experienced or witnessed that you perceive or suspect as being mistreatment.
  2. The designated PGME Program leader will strive to contact you within 3 business days of receipt of a disclosure form to start a discussion regarding the event, possible next steps and supports.

You have the option submit a Disclosure Form anonymously (i.e. without the requirement that you provide their identity), with the understanding that doing so is subject to certain limitations.

Submit a Disclosure Form

Contacting a PGME Program Leader

Although learners are encouraged to use the PGME Disclosure Form, you may also contact designated PGME program leaders by email. Email communications should be clearly dated and labelled “Confidential report for the attention of Dr. ” to ensure priority review.

Further details about next steps following submission of a Disclosure Form or written submission to a designated PGME Program leader are provided here and in the Learner Mistreatment Guideline.

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