AFC Program Applications

The application process can take approximately 9 to 12 months for a new program to complete and consists of the following steps:

STEP 1. Program requests a copy of a discipline-specific AFC application form by contacting the
Accreditation Team in PGME at

STEP 2. An orientation meeting will be booked with the Program Director and Accreditation Team to review the program specific blank application form and supporting documentation that must be included in the application:

  • Covering letter indicating that the Department has approved and supports this program
  • Covering letters from the Chief Executive Officer of each participating institutions indicating support for the program
  • AFC program committee: Terms of Reference
  • AFC program committee: Membership list
  • Competence committee: Terms of Reference
  • Competence committee: Membership list
  • Curriculum Plan
  • Blank Template for each method of assessment identified in the curriculum plan
  • Program Approved Policy governing trainee supervision
  • Program Approved Policy governing trainee safety
  • Inter-institution affiliation agreements (IIA), if applicable

STEP 3. AFC Program will work on the following:

  • Contact departmental fellowship lead, to ensure they are aware of and supportive of the application
  • Develop an AFC Program Committee (includes trainee reps)
  • Develop an AFC Competence Committee (does NOT include any trainees)
  • Develop Terms of Reference

STEP 4. AFC Program Committee will work on the DRAFT application and assessment tools. The Accreditation Team will provide the:

  • Blank Application
  • Tip Sheet
  • Application submission timelines

STEP 5. A further consultation meeting will be booked with the Education and Curriculum Consultant and the AFC Program Director to review the assessment tools that are specifically required for the program:

  • Review program specific Education Portfolio that is required from the Royal College
  • Review Educational Goals and Objectives and ensure the correct information is in the ITERs/ITARs
  • Review of trainee portfolio documentation including patient confidentiality guidelines

STEP 6. DRAFT AFC Application is submitted to the Accreditation Team for review and to provide comments

STEP 7. AFC program to revise and edit the application as appropriate and send back to the Accreditation Team for final approval process.

STEP 8. Application will be reviewed by the Associate Dean, PGME and Fellowship Education Advisory Committee (FEAC) for review and feedback. Comments and required changes will be sent to the program (this will be reviewed following the PGME Governance review process).

STEP 9. Once final sign-off is received from the Associate Dean, PGME the application will be uploaded to the online Accreditation Management System (CanAMS) and submitted by the PGME Accreditation Team to the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada on behalf of the Temerty Faculty of Medicine.

STEP 10. There are three application deadlines per year for the Royal College AFC Accreditation Committee. The deadline is approximately 10 weeks prior to the meeting date where applications are reviewed. Following the accreditation committee meeting your program will receive one of the following accreditation statuses

  • Accredited New Program with Follow-up by External Review in 2 years
  • Deferral with 12 months to submit additional information or clarifications requested by the committee
  • No Approval – program does not meet the standards and a new application is required


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