AFC Trainee Credentialing Process

Once the competence committee has approved that an AFC trainee has achieved competence and completed their training in an accredited AFC program, the trainee is eligible to be credentialed and recognized as a diplomate of the Royal College. The steps below outline the credentialing process:

STEP 1. The AFC Program Director informs the PGME Registrarial Administrator ( that the trainee has completed their training

STEP 2. PGME Registrarial Administrator notifies the AFC Administrator ( in the Credentials Unit at Royal College that they require a Confirmation of Competencies Acquired (CCA) form

STEP 3. The AFC Administrator from Royal College sends the CCA form to the PGME Registrarial Office

STEP 4. The PGME Registrarial Administrator confirms the completion of training before forwarding to the AFC Program Director for signature

STEP 5. The AFC Program Director sends the signed CCA form back to the PGME Registrarial Office attesting that the trainee has: a) met the competencies in the discipline’s national standards, b) completed the accredited training program, and c) is eligible for the AFC credential

STEP 6. The PGME Registrarial Administrator forwards the CCA form to the Associate Dean, PGME for final approval and sign off

STEP 7. The PGME Registrarial Administrator then forwards the completed CCA form back to the Royal College Credentials Unit, copying the program

STEP 8. Upon receipt of the CCA form, the Credentials Unit provides the trainee with a letter confirming their achievement of the AFC credential

STEP 9. The Membership Unit contacts the trainee, inviting them to have their AFC credential recognized by the Royal College, making them eligible to use the designation Diplomate (or DRCSPC). Annual fee information is available on the Royal College website at:


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