PEAP Forms: Fellowship

A fillable final assessment form for registrants in the Pre-Entry Assessment Program (PEAP) for Clinical Fellows is downloadable in PDF format below:

You’ll want to prepare an electronic form first, with the trainee’s name and other details, to send to the supervisor to complete and return to you by email for final approval and signatures.

Save a copy of the form first! Trying to paste content in the form while you’re in your Internet browser won’t work.

You can move from one field to another in the form by using your “Tab” key or computer mouse.

If you’re preparing multiple forms, it helps to start with a clean copy each time.


Using the PDF Form

  1. Save the PDF form to your computer, first. If the PDF opens by default in your Internet browser, just click the down-arrow button in the top-right corner of the screen to save the file to your computer.
  2. Open the saved file. You’ll find the file in the folder you specified or in your download folder. Double-click the PDF file to open it using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader.
  3. Prepare the form for the PEAP supervisor by entering details on page 1. Send the form to the PEAP supervisor by email, to complete and return to you electronically.
  4. Once the form has been completed, signatures can be added – there are 2 ways to do this electronically:
    • Left-click on the space above the signature line to open a “Select Image” window that will let you browse the folders In your computer for a stored signature. When you click on the “Browse” button, be sure to select the format of the stored signature (e.g. “JPEG” or “PNG” or “Acrobat PDF Files”)
    • Use your computer’s “Snipping Tool” to snip a signature from a scanned document, save the snip as a “PNG” file, then insert it in the PEAP form by left-clicking above the signature line and searching for the snipped PNG file on your computer.
  5. Send the completed PEAP form with signatures by email to PGME.
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