PGME Contact List

The following table provides a listing of PGME staff members. However, if you're unsure which staff member is appropriate for your inquiry, please send a message through the Contact Form.

Name Title Phone Email
Adrienne Fung Education Coordinator (416) 946-3075 Email Adrienne Fung
Allan Peterkin Faculty Lead, Humanities Email Allan Peterkin
Amy Widdifield Information Management Specialist (416) 978-3991 Email Amy Widdifield
Anam Zaheer Medical Education Assessment Data Co-ordinator (416) 946-7809 Email Anam Zaheer
Andrew McLeod Executive Assistant to the Vice Dean, Education Email Andrew McLeod
Angelina Sulay Financial Officer (416) 978-5161 Email Angelina Sulay
Anna Brilhante Supervisor, Resident Payroll (416) 978-6977 Email Anna Brilhante
Anna Ferrari Registrarial Administrator (416) 978-6348 Email Anna Ferrari
Anne Matlow Faculty Lead,
Strategic Initiatives
(416) 978-2618 Email Anne Matlow
Ariel Ng Research & Information Systems Analyst (Secondment) (416) 978-5100 Email Ariel Ng
Arlene McKinley Coordinator,
Special Projects
(416) 946-5471 Email Arlene McKinley
Barry Pakes Academic Lead, Global Health Email Barry Pakes
Carolina Rios
(on parental leave)
Project Manager,
Learner Systems Integration
(416) 946-0458 Email Carolina Rios
Caroline Abrahams Director, Policy, Analysis & Systems (416) 946-3274 Email Caroline Abrahams
Charlene Sturge Executive Assistant to the Associate Dean, PGME (416) 978-6808 Email Charlene Sturge
Charles Andreasen Assessment Systems & Curriculum Coordinator (416) 946-0553
Email Charles Andreasen
Charlie Guiang Interim Director, Postgraduate Wellness (416) 946-3074
Email Charlie Guiang
Diana Nuss Admin Coordinator,
Postgraduate Wellness
(416) 946-3074 Email Diana Nuss
Elisa Conti Interim Registrarial Administrator, Visa Trainees (416) 946-7190 Email Elisa Conti
Gerard Nagalingam Business Manager (416) 978-8328 Email Gerard Nagalingam
Hira Mirza
(on parental leave)
Registrarial Administrator, Visa Trainee (416) 946-3073 Email Hira Mirza
Ian Nillas IT Support Analyst (416) 946-7343 Email Ian Nillas
Jaylin Bradbury Wellness Counsellor (416) 978-6861 Email Jaylin Bradbury
Jennifer Dare Interim Project Manager, Learner Systems Integration (416) 946-7028 Email Jennifer Dare
Jill Kinsella Call Stipends Assistant (416) 978-3743 Email Jill Kinsella
Jim Kennedy Payroll Assistant (416) 978-2325 Email Payroll
Joshua Jarvis Payroll Assistant (416) 978-6339 Email Joshua Jarvis
Josie Bento Medical Education Coordinator (Help Desk 978-8399) (416) 978-5100 Email Josie Bento
Judy Kopelow Manager,
Global Health Initiatives
(416) 946-7596 Email Judy Kopelow
Katrina Chu Research and Analytics Officer (416) 946-0129 Email Katrina Chu
Kelly Killip Giddy Project & Communication Coordinator (416) 978-8388 Email Kelly Giddy
Khush Adatia User Support Services Supervisor (416) 946-3786 Email Khush Adatia
Kim O'Hearn Accreditation Coordinator (416) 946-8456 Email Kim O'Hearn
Laura Leigh Murgaski Program Manager, Accreditation & Education Quality Systems (416) 946-0793 Email Laura Leigh Murgaski
Laura Lysecki
(on parental leave)
Research & Information
Systems Analyst
(416) 946-0553 Email Laura Lysecki
Linda Probyn Director,
Admissions and Evaluation, PGME
(416) 978-6709 Email Linda Probyn
Lindsey Fechtig Project & Administrative Manager, Vice Deans Education (416) 946-8067 Email Lindsey Fechtig
Lisa Bevacqua Registration and Accreditation Officer (416) 946-0335 Email Lisa Bevacqua
Lisa St. Amant Research & Curriculum Coordinator (416) 946-3815 Email Lisa St. Amant
Mariela Ruetalo Research Officer (416) 978-0009 Email Mariela Ruetalo
Mark Bhola Immunization Officer (416) 946-3753 Email Mark Bhola
Marla Nayer Educational & Test Consultant (416) 946-5157 Email Marla Nayer
Maureen Morris Director,
(416) 946-0555 Email Maureen Morris
Melissa Hynes Lead, Learner Education Support (416) 946-0046 Email Melissa Hynes
Meredith Giuliani Associate Dean, PGME (416) 978-8421 Email Meredith Giuliani
Natali Chin Medical Education Coordinator (416) 978-8419 Email Natali Chin
Natalie Rees
(on parental leave)
Immunization Officer (416) 946-3753
Email Natalie Rees
Research Analyst (416) 978-3964 Email Natasha Shaikhlislamova
Nicole Marshall Administrative Coordinator (416) 978-3650 Email Nicole Marshall
Nicole Hantoumakos Registrarial Administrator, Visa Trainee (416) 946-3079 Email Nicole Parchment
Nimaliny Krishnan Project Coordinator (416) 946-5866
Email Nimaliny Krishnan
Nina Chana Accreditation Assistant Email Nina Chana
Paula Rowland Scientist (Medical Education & The Wilson Centre) Email Paula Rowland
Patricia Houston Vice Dean, Medical Education Email Patricia Houston
Rebecca Saunders Administrative Assistant (416) 946-0429
Email Rebecca Saunders
Reena Pattani Director, Learner Experience Email Reena Pattani
Samantha Chin Registrarial Administrator, Visa Trainee (416) 946-0904 Email Samantha Chin
Shaheen Darani Interim Associate Director, Postgraduate Wellness Email Shaheen Darani
Shannon Spencer International Relationship Manager (416) 978-4719 Email Shannon Spencer
Shantel Walcott Quality Assurance Review and Program Evaluation Officer (416) 978 - 1097
Email Shantel Walcott
Skye Tulay Registration Assistant Email Skye Tulay
Toni Jarvis Registrarial Administrator (416) 978-6338 Email Toni Jarvis
Tuan Diep Computing Support Analyst (416) 978-1481 Email Tuan Diep
Veronica Marrone Administrative Assistant (416) 978-6976 Email Veronica Marrone
Walter Tavares Scientist
(Medical Education & The Wilson Centre)
(416) 340-3099 Email Walter Tavares
Yin Chen Web Programmer (416) 978-1690 Email Yin Chen

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