PGME Contact List

The following table provides a listing of PGME staff members. However, if you're unsure which staff member is appropriate for your inquiry, please send a message through the Contact Form.

Name Title Phone Email
Adrienne Fung Education Coordinator (416) 946-3075 Email Adrienne Fung
Allan Peterkin Faculty Lead, Humanities Email Allan Peterkin
Alex Chadha Medical Education Co-Ordinator - Elentra HD Email Alex Chadha
Anam Zaheer
(on leave)
Medical Education Assessment Data Co-ordinator (416) 978-3748 Email Anam Zaheer
Andrew McLeod Executive Assistant to the Vice Dean, Education Email Andrew McLeod
Angelina Sulay Financial Officer (416) 978-5161 Email Angelina Sulay
Anna Brilhante Supervisor, Resident Payroll (416) 978-6977 Email Anna Brilhante
Anna Ferrari Registrarial Administrator (416) 978-6348 Email Anna Ferrari
Anne Matlow Faculty Lead,
Strategic Initiatives
(416) 978-2618 Email Anne Matlow
Arlene McKinley Coordinator,
Special Projects
(416) 946-5471 Email Arlene McKinley
Barry Pakes Academic Lead, Global Health Email Barry Pakes
Carolina (Rios) Mitchell Project Manager,
Learner Systems Integration
(416) 946 - 7028 Email Carolina Mitchell
Caroline Abrahams Director, Policy, Analysis & Systems (416) 946-3274 Email Caroline Abrahams
Charlene Sturge Executive Assistant to the Associate Dean, PGME (416) 978-6808 Email Charlene Sturge
Charles Andreasen Assessment Systems & Curriculum Coordinator (416) 946-0553
Email Charles Andreasen
Charlie Guiang Director, Postgraduate Wellness (416) 946-4015 Email Charlie Guiang
Diana Nuss Admin Coordinator, Office of Learner Affairs (416) 946-3074 Email Diana Nuss
Elisa Conti Interim Registrarial Administrator, Visa Trainees (416) 946-7190 Email Elisa Conti
Gerard Nagalingam Business Manager (416) 978-8328 Email Gerard Nagalingam
Heather McDonald-Blumer Faculty Lead, Curriculum, PGME Email Heather McDonald-Blumer
Hira Mirza Registrarial Administrator, Visa Trainee (416) 946-3073 Email Hira Mirza
Ian Nillas IT Support Analyst (416) 946-7343 Email Ian Nillas
Imram Qureshi Research and Information Systems Analyst Email Imram Qureshi
Jack Zhang Senior Project Manager, Office of the Vice Dean, Medical Education Email Jack Zhang
Jennifer Croke Faculty Lead, Mentorship, PGME Email Jennifer Croke
Jennifer Dare Interim Project Manager, Learner Systems Integration (416) 946-7028 Email Jennifer Dare
Jill Kinsella Call Stipends Assistant (416) 978-3743 Email Jill Kinsella
Jim Kennedy Payroll Assistant (416) 978-2325 Email Payroll
John Granton Faculty Lead, Fellowships, PGME Email John Granton
Joshua Jarvis Payroll Assistant (416) 978-6339 Email Joshua Jarvis
Josie Bento Medical Education Coordinator - POWER HD Support (Help Desk 978-8399) (416) 978-5100 Email Josie Bento
Judy Ha Information Management Specialist Email Judy Ha
Judy Kopelow Manager,
Global Health Initiatives
(416) 946-7596 Email Judy Kopelow
Katrina Chu Research and Analytics Officer (416) 978-0129 Email Katrina Chu
Kelly (Killip) Giddy Project & Communication Coordinator (416) 978-8388 Email Kelly Giddy
Khush Adatia POWER User Support Services Supervisor (416) 946-3786 Email Khush Adatia
Kim O'Hearn Accreditation Coordinator (416) 946-8456 Email Kim O'Hearn
Laura Leigh Murgaski Program Manager, Accreditation & Education Quality Systems (416) 946-0793 Email Laura Leigh Murgaski
Laura Lysecki Research & Information
Systems Analyst
(416) 946-0553 Email Laura Lysecki
Linda Probyn Director,
Admissions and Evaluation, PGME
(416) 978 - 4703 Email Linda Probyn
Lisa Bevacqua (on leave) Registration and Accreditation Officer (416) 946-0335 Email Lisa Bevacqua
Lisa St. Amant Research & Curriculum Coordinator (416) 946-3815 Email Lisa St. Amant
Mariela Ruetalo Research Officer (416) 978-0009 Email Mariela Ruetalo
Mark Bhola Administrative Assistant (416) 946-3753 Email Mark Bhola
Marla Nayer Educational & Test Consultant (416) 946-5157 Email Marla Nayer
Maureen Morris Director,
(416) 946-0555 Email Maureen Morris
Melissa Hynes Manager, Curriculum & Learner Assessment (416) 946-0046 Email Melissa Hynes
Meredith Giuliani Associate Dean, PGME (416) 978-8421 Email Meredith Giuliani
Natali Chin Medical Education Coordinator (Preceptor Payments, MTDs) (416) 978-8419 Email Natali Chin
Natalie Rees Immunization Officer (416) 946-3753
Email Natalie Rees
Research Analyst (416) 978-3964 Email Natasha Shaikhlislamova
Nicole Marshall Administrative Coordinator (416) 978-3650 Email Nicole Marshall
Nicole Hantoumakos Registrarial Administrator, Visa Trainee (416) 946-3079 Email Nicole Parchment
Nimaliny Krishnan Project Coordinator (416) 946-5866
Email Nimaliny Krishnan
Nina Chana Accreditation Assistant Email Nina Chana
Nirit Bernhard Faculty Lead, Portfolio Program, PGME Email Nirit Bernhard
Patricia Houston Vice Dean, Medical Education Email Patricia Houston
Paula Rowland Scientist (Post MD Education & The Wilson Centre) Email Paula Rowland
Paul Tonin Senior Project Manager, Strategic Initiatives, Office of the Dean, Medical Education Email Paul Tonin
Rachel Ma Data Analysis and Elentra Help Desk Support Email Rachel Ma
Rebecca Saunders Administrative Assistant (416) 946-0429
Email Rebecca Saunders
Ricardo Saldarriaga Administrative Coordinator Email Ricardo Saldarriaga
Samantha Chin Administrative Coordinator (416) 946-0904 Email Samantha Chin
Sara Mohamud Interim Immunization Officer Email Sara Mohamud
Shaheen Darani Associate Director, Postgraduate Wellness Email Shaheen Darani
Shannon Spencer International Relationship Manager (416) 978-4719 Email Shannon Spencer
Skye Tulay Registration Assistant Email Skye Tulay
Susanna Aubynn Receptionist (416) 978-7190 Email Susanna Aubynn
Toni Jarvis Registrarial Administrator (416) 978-6338 Email Toni Jarvis
Tuan Diep Computing Support Analyst (416) 978-1481 Email Tuan Diep
Veronica Chiang Data Analysis and Elentra Help Desk Support Email Veronica Chiang
Veronica Marrone Project Manager, Fellowships (416) 978-6976 Email Veronica Marrone
Walter Tavares Scientist
(Medical Education & The Wilson Centre)
(416) 340-3099 Email Walter Tavares
Yin Chen Web Programmer (416) 978-1690 Email Yin Chen

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