PGCorEd Overview

About PGCorEd for Residents

The University of Toronto Postgraduate Medical Education PGCorEd is a series of self-directed multimedia web-based learning modules which cover the foundational competencies for University of Toronto postgraduate trainees. PGCorEd covers topics in the CanMEDS 2015 Physician Competency Framework and is accessible from any mobile device.

Residents are responsible to complete their PGCorEd modules prior to the end of their PGY2 year. Check with your Program Director to confirm if there is a program specific sequence or deadlines for module completion.

PGCorEd Objectives


  • All University of Toronto Residents entering and/or transferring into PGY1 (or PGY2) are required to complete PGCorEd as part of their residency program certification before the end of the PGY2 year
  • Failure to complete all eight of the required modules will delay promotion to the next training level or completion of Final In-Training Evaluation (i.e. FITER) and may constitute professional misconduct

For residents scheduled to complete their PGY2 year of training in July 2020, the following modules are required:

  • Teaching in Residency (To be completed by September 30th of PGY1 year of training)
  • Collaborator
  • Communication with and For Patients
  • End of Life Care
  • Patient Safety
  • Professionalism
  • Leader
  • Health Advocacy and Health Systems

Accessing PGCorEd

  • Upon entry to your program, you will be provided with a University of Toronto ID (UTORid) and Password that you will use to login to PGCorEd
  • Once you have received your UTORid, PGCorEd modules are available online

Module Content

  • Pre-test – Learners must complete a test at the beginning of each module to gain access to the learning content within the seminars
  • Seminars – There are 4-5 seminars in each module. The seminars combine videos, animations, polls and embedded questions
  • Post-test – Learners must successfully complete a module test after a thorough review of the seminar, achieving a grade of 70% or higher to obtain credit for successful completion the module


  • Learners must achieve a minimum of 70% on the Post-test to complete the module
  • Learners have a maximum of three attempts to complete the Post-test
  • After 2 unsuccessful attempts at the Post-test, (i.e. a score below 70%), learners will be “locked out” of the 3rd attempt of the test for 48 hours. This time can be used to review the module content again. After the 48 hour period, learners will have a third and final attempt to successfully complete the Post-test
  • Once a learner has achieved 70% or higher on the Post-test, the test will be closed and the module marked complete

PGCorEd Module Content Acknowledgements

The following is a listing of each module published in PGCorEd, which links to a page of acknowledgements for their respective content creators.

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