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You are currently pre‐registered with the PGME Office ‐ What should you do NOW?

Please review the Registration Checklist below for your requirements by training level and legal status. Please note suggested timelines beside each requirement. Some are not accessible in POWER until mid-May.

Access the POWER system (complete now)

Enter the on‐line Postgraduate Web Evaluation and Registration (POWER) system to access your registration record. To receive your pin and/or password please click ‘Forgot your pin and/or password?’ link found on the Login page. At the next page, enter the email address you use in POWER and click ‘Send’. The POWER system will send your pin and password immediately to your email address.

Sign your Letter of Appointment (LOA) (complete now) 

Go to the “LOA Documents” folder on the menu and access your Letter of Appointment. Please review to ensure accuracy, and read the page 2 requirements and authorizations. If all is correct, type your name and click on the “Submit button”. This is your electronic signature indicating your acceptance of the appointment. The CPSO license listed is the last information on file, this will be updated in POWER when your license is uploaded for the new academic year and doesn’t need to be changed on the LOA.

The LOA will only reflect training in the upcoming academic year (July 1 – June 30). If your training continues past June 30, you will receive a new LOA next Spring.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons on Ontario (CPSO) will be sent your LOA once signed electronically in POWER – which is part of your CPSO license application/renewal process.

Upload your Immunization Data (complete now)

In your “LOA Documents” folder on POWER, there are forms: full immunization, TB test, and mask fit forms:

  • For new trainees: There are 4 pages: 2 pages requesting your full immunization record and mask fit to be completed and signed by a clinic, health centre, or health care professional other than yourself, and 2 pages of instructions. New residents and fellows training 1 year+ will have 2 months to acquire your mask fit test at the hospital of your first rotation. New residents and fellows training less than 1 year will need to supply your mask fit information before your start date.  When complete, upload to the PGME Form site.
  • For returning trainees: an annual TB test form (if negative in the previous year). Hospitals require a mask fit record to be updated every 2 years. Please review the contact list of Occupational Health Offices at our affiliated teaching sites for hours of operation, also included in your “LOA Documents” folder. When complete, upload to the PGME Form site.

Trainees who have a communicable disease or are carriers of an infectious agent must report to PGME for consideration by the Expert Panel on Infection Control. The report must be submitted by emailing 60+ days before training start date.

For further information, please refer to the Temerty Faculty of Medicine’s Infectious Disease policy.



Immunizations: COVID Vaccination (apply now)

The Postgraduate Medical Education Office will be tracking COVID vaccination for residents and fellows. This is sensitive personal health information and we want to ensure a secure process to manage this that minimizes effort on your part.

While vaccination is a personal choice and not mandatory for registration IF you are vaccinated providing COVID vaccination documentation to PGME is mandatory.

Please provide PGME with proof of vaccination as provided to you by the Ministry of Health. Upload proof of Dose 1 and Dose 2 as you receive these vaccinations to the COVID Vaccination PGME Forms folder.

Provide your Vulnerable Sector Screen (apply now) OR Background Attestation (complete mid-May)

At the request of our training sites, all new postgraduate medical residents, clinical and research fellows, and elective trainees who are Canadian citizens/Permanent Residents must submit a level 3 criminal record check with Vulnerable Sector Screen (VSS) report prior to the start of training. The VSS report must be requested from your local police station and uploaded on the PGME Form site. Please note it may take 4+ months to receive a VSS report from some police districts.

A VSS report must be dated within 6 months. Any VSS report submitted with a date of issuance beyond six months is expired/invalid and you will need to obtain a new VSS report. The VSS must include all pages and have each page scanned top to bottom (some VSS are on legal sized paper, they cannot be cut off or one page scanned on two pages). We do not accept password protected files.

For more information, please read the instructions in your registration documents entitled Instructions for Vulnerable Sector Screen Police Record Check.

International Trainees:

  • A VSS is required for new international trainees on a work permit who arrived in Canada March 31, 2021 or earlier and have Canadian ID with a Canadian address.
  • A VSS is NOT required for new international trainees on a work permit who arrived in Canada on April 1, 2021 or later. Please complete the Background Attestation after May 14, 2021 in the POWER system stating you do not have a criminal record. A VSS will be required should you continue training for the 2022-2023 academic session. POWER will reflect your VSS requirement automatically, do not email unless it is incorrect.

Canadians Living Abroad for several years will need Canadian ID with a Canadian address in order to apply for a VSS. If not, please email to override this requirement.

CPSO: A Level 2 Criminal Record Check is part of your application to the CPSO for a medical education license. However, PGME has an arrangement with the CPSO to forward your scanned Level 3 Criminal Record Check (VSS) to the CPSO on your behalf. This agreement allows you to order one Level 3 Criminal Record Check to meet both CPSO and PGME’s criminal record check requirements.

Returning trainees who have previously completed a VSS will be required to complete a “Background Attestation” on the POWER system after mid-May for up to 5 years after your VSS has been submitted to PGME. After 5 years, a new VSS will be required.

Background Attestation is an electronic statement you attest/not attest to regarding your background. It is completed in POWER after mid-May under the VSS Menu, Add Attestation. If Add Attestation is not visible, a VSS is required. If you CANNOT ATTEST you must email a written explanation to with a copy to

You will receive email alerts from the POWER system reminding you to obtain the VSS or complete the Background Attestation in the POWER system. Only email if there is an error.

Register/Renew with the CPSO (complete now)

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) will be sent your LOA once signed electronically in POWER – which is part of your CPSO license application/renewal process. This is done automatically. Please be patient and if your CPSO file does not reflect the LOA being received by the end of May 2021 or 30 days after signature then please email to resend.

New Applicants to the CPSO should regularly check their application status. Direct questions re access to your CPSO online application profile to the CPSO at 416-967-2617 or email PGME forwards your letter of appointment directly to the CPSO. Please allow the CPSO sufficient time to process.

In December 2015, Council approved the Blood Borne Viruses policy. This policy requires physicians who are beginning to perform or assist in performing exposure prone procedures in Ontario (including new registrants) to be tested for HCV, HIV and HBV — if they have not been confirmed immune to HBV — before they commence these procedures. Providing a declaration of testing will be part of new registrants’ initial application to the CPSO as well as inclusion in the online the renewal process.

PG License Renewals: If you currently hold a postgrad training license as a resident or a clinical fellow, review your CPSO renewal notice for specific requirements. Direct questions re access to your CPSO online account to Membership and Corporations at or call 416-967-2673 or 1-800-268- 7096, extension 673 (Ontario only).

Independent Practice Renewals: If you hold an Independent Practice license valid until May 31 of the current membership year, submit your completed survey and payment to the CPSO. The CPSO online renewal opens each year in early April. Direct questions re your license to the Physician Advisory Service at or call 416-967-2603 or 1-800-268-7096, extension 603 (Ontario only).

Do not begin medical practice or postgraduate training in Ontario until you have received confirmation from the CPSO that you are registered. It is an offence under the Regulated Health Professions Act for a person to practice medicine in Ontario, postgraduate training included, until such time as an appropriate certificate of registration has been renewed or issued.

Research fellows are not required to be registered with the CPSO as there is no direct patient contact under this training designation.

Show your Work Visa (complete now) and UHIP Health Insurance requirements (if applicable) (upon arrival in Canada)

You must upload your work permit or employment Visa and passport to the PGME Form site upon your arrival in Canada and after each renewal.

As a mandatory component of registration, you must purchase healthcare coverage under the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) at the PGME office for yourself and accompanying family members upon your arrival in Canada, or twenty (20) days before your designated training start date.  UHIP costs and information can be viewed on the University Health Insurance Plan website (

If you arrive more than 20 days prior to the start date of your training, you should purchase a travel insurance policy until you are eligible for UHIP enrollment.

You must also apply for health coverage under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). The Ministry of Health announced it is waiving the three-month waiting period for coverage under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). Read the provincial government’s announcement here. This means you may only need to purchase one month of the University Health Insurance Plan upon your arrival to Canada.

Please upload your signed form(s) listed below, along with your work permit and passports (including your dependent’s passports – if applicable) to the PGME Forms Site.


Please note:

Complete only the fillable-fields, leaving all remaining fields blank.
Fill out only the member form if you are travelling alone. If you are bringing your spouse and/or children, please complete both forms.

Field-specific Instructions

Member information (This is your information, and must be added to both the member AND dependent forms)

  • Member ID: Your 8-digit trainee ID# found on your Letter of Appointment.
  • Member last name: This is your last name.
  • First name: Your first name.
  • Middle name: Your middle name (not mandatory).
  • Date of birth: Your date of birth.
  • Gender: Your gender.
  • Coverage need: On the single member form, mark ‘1’ as the coverage is only for you. If you complete a dependent form as well, only specify the number of dependents you wish to insure.
  • E-mail address: Your current and primary email address.
  • Telephone number: Your current and primary telephone number.

Dependent information (only fill out this form if you have a dependent spouse and/or children who will be living with you during your training program)

  • Last name: The dependent’s last name.
  • First name: The dependent’s first name.
  • Middle initial: The first letter of the dependent’s middle name(s) (not mandatory).
  • Gender: The dependent’s gender.
  • Relationship: The dependent’s relationship to you (spouse or child only).

Sign and date Section 4.

Should you have any questions, please contact Angelina Sulay.

Register with the CMPA (complete now)

Register with the Canadian Medical Protective Association for malpractice insurance. Please contact CMPA at 1‐800‐267‐6522 or see the CMPA website.

This is a MANDATORY registration requirement for all those with a CPSO license. Please note your CMPA coverage dates MUST match the training dates in POWER. If you need to backdate your coverage with CMPA, you will be charged an administrative fee by CMPA. You cannot start without CMPA coverage for your entire training period.

New to UofT: If you previously attended another school in Canada for your PGME training, please ensure you contact CMPA and update your record from your old school to University of Toronto so your CMPA data will be included in our daily data import.

Payroll (complete mid-May)

First‐time residents paid by the Toronto Hospitals Postgraduate Payroll Association (THPPA) can complete their benefits selection on the POWER system re Single or Family. TD1 tax forms – provincial and federal, as well as a void cheque are to be uploaded to our PGME Form site.

See THPPA memo in your registration documents for further instructions regarding completion of the two TD1 tax forms.

The Sun Life Beneficiary form can be found in your LOA Documents folder in POWER. Complete it and ensure you insert your electronic signature or print and sign. Please upload the completed form to the PGME Form site. Please note when completing the form your Member ID Number is your Social Insurance Number.

For further information, contact THPPA at or 416‐978‐6339, 416‐978‐6977. For Ministry of Health funded returning trainees, ensure that you report any changes that may affect your PARO benefits or direct deposit information.

Hospital Health & Safety Policy e-Learning Modules

Our hospitals require all trainees complete 7 mandatory Hospital Health and Safety Policy Modules prior to start of training at their sites. Five modules must be completed in POWER; two are outside of POWER

(a) On the POWER System, select HHSP Modules from the menu. Click on each outstanding module and work through to completion. The topics of the e-learning modules are: (complete mid-May)

  • Integrated Privacy and Cyber Security eLearning (required annually)
  • Hand Hygiene (required every 2 years)
  • Sharps Safety Module (required every 2 years)
  • Workplace Violence and Harassment (required every 2 years)
  • WHMIS – Workers Hazardous Materials Information Systems (required every 2 years)

(b) Two HHSP modules are located outside of POWER – both require one-time completion so please save your copy for future use: (complete now)

  1. Worker Health and Safety Awareness Module: Access and complete the module online. Upon completion of the training, print your “CERTIFICATE” (emailed to you) and upload to PGME using the PGME Form site.
  2. Working Together: The Code and the AODA Module: Access and complete the module online. Upon completion of the training, print your “CERTIFICATE” shown on the screen and upload to PGME using the PGME Form site.

Completion of these modules with confirmation on the POWER system means this training does not have to be repeated as you start a rotation at a new training site. Completion is mandatory.

Registration Completion (complete mid-May after all above requirements met)

The POWER system for 2021-2021 will be open for your use on May 14, 2021.

Once in your record on POWER, you will be prompted from one screen to the next to complete or change the information. Some fields are mandatory and you will be unable to reach the payment section until all the warning messages (such CPSO, CMPA, immunization, etc.) are cleared. You must complete all registration requirements in order to be fully registered and able to start training.

Payment (complete mid-May after above requirements met)

Once all registration requirements are met, you will be led to the payment section to pay your registration fee by Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

Payment is the last step in registering. The registration fee for the 2021-2022 academic year is $840 and is NON REFUNDABLE. If you are training less than the full year, the fee will be pro-rated however you will only see the adjusted amount on the payment screen. All documentation will indicate the full fee, please disregard.

Confirmation of Registration (complete mid-May after above requirements met)

Upon completion of on‐line registration, you are able to print out a copy of your Confirmation of Registration from the menu. This document may be required by the hospital/training sites or the Library as proof of registration with the Temerty Faculty of Medicine. Be sure the date at the top reflects the academic year you wish to print.

UTORid & Library Cards

To activate your University of Toronto ID (UTOR ID), you will require a Secret Activation Key (SAK). These can be found at the top of your POWER registration record in mid-June. If it is not, then you have already activated your UTORid. The UTORid activation website is

If you were previously registered at the University of Toronto, please provide us with your ROSI Student ID number by emailing (with the exception of UofT Medical Students from the CaRMS match).

To obtain a U of T library card with Photo ID, please go to the TCard office located in the Koffler Centre, 214 College Street, First Floor, with your Confirmation of Registration (or trainee #) plus one piece of Canadian government issued ID or a valid passport (hospital badges are not accepted as identification). Hours of operation are as noted on the TCard website.

For further information, please contact us at 416‐978‐6976 or email

One ID

Ontario Health provides secure ONE ID to all learners, allowing you to utilize important health services no matter what your location.

If you have an Independent Practice Certificate issued through CPSO you can also apply for a ONE ID (needed to access Ontario Health services).

As a CPSO member log into the CPSO portal and look for the (Ontario Health) “ONE ID” option.

Additional information on ONE ID can be found here

Please Note: the ‘Preferred Name’ option – the data feed CPSO sends to Ontario Health includes all middle names for a CPSO member in the first name ‘field’ of a CPSO member – if you do not want all your middle names included in your ONE ID account please note the ‘Preferred Name’ option in their guide when setting up your ONE ID – you can edit your first and last name under Preferred Name so only your first and last names will appear in your ONE ID.

For all other CPSO certificate holders please email to register for a ONE ID.

The Temerty Faculty of Medicine may share your ONE Mail Direct and ONE ID information with authorized staff, faculty members, and hospitals for purposes consistent with and necessary for the support of your educational and clinical activities.

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