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The Toronto Hospitals’ Postgraduate Payroll Association (THPPA) is the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine paymaster for most postgraduate medical residents. Below is information related to salary, call stipends, benefits, insurance, and taxes for new and returning residents.

PGY Payroll Information

Toronto Hospitals’ Postgraduate Payroll Association acts as paymaster for all University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine, MOH funded, registered PGY Residents.

  • Residents are paid by THPPA on the 15th and 30th of each month.
  • Residents are paid Call Stipends by THPPA at the end of each month.
  • Residents are paid as T4 Taxable Income employees.

The current Scale of Remuneration is available on the PARO website.

For further information, please choose a scenario from the list below that best reflects your current status:

Toronto Hospitals’ Postgraduate Payroll Association (THPPA) is the paymaster for most postgraduate medical residents at the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine.  As a first-time registrant, you must enroll with the THPPA via on-line and hard copy submission to receive your salary and benefits/insurance, as outlined below.

Benefits Sign-up Online

You will receive an email from the POstgraduate Web Evaluation and Registration (POWER) system providing you with a pin and password to enter the system and sign your Letter of Appointment electronically.

POWER will be open on May 13th for you to complete the benefits section on your record.  When you are in your record on the website, you will see a warning message as follows: “Before Registering, you must complete the “Payroll Benefits Form”.  To do this, click on the “Enrolment Forms” button.

You will then enter the PAYROLL section.  Complete all of the fields, including Single or Family coverage, dependent information, etc.

Tax Forms/Void Cheque

You must submit the TD1 tax deduction forms (Federal and Provincial) to determine the amount of your payroll tax deductions. You can access these forms on the CRA website at;

Please complete the forms, save as Adobe documents and upload to our Owncloud account.

To set you up for electronic deposit, please upload a copy of your void cheque via our Owncloud account.  Please note that the cheque must be for a chequing account. Credit line accounts will not be accepted.

Sun Life Group Life Insurance Benefit form

The Sunlife form will be emailed to you. For security Purposes this will be emailed by Docu-Sign. Please complete the form and submit for processing.

The current PARO/CAHO Agreement, including the annualized scale of remuneration is available on the PARO website. If you have any questions please contact THPPA at 416-978-6977 or 416-978-6339.

PGY Benefits Summary

Please see the PARO-CAHO agreement for further details.

The following tax forms become available annually in the POWER system:

  1. T2202 Tuition and Education Amounts
  2. T2200E Declaration of Conditions of Employment

Please enter the POWER system using your PIN and password . Click on the menu item “Tax Forms” to download and print the forms.

Both the form T2200 and T2202E only report the number of months a resident is registered/employed in a qualifying educational program and the associated eligible fees/expenses.

The PGME/THPPA Office only provides the form T2200E & T4 statement to PGY Residents paid under the THPPA payroll system. In our capacity as paymaster for medical residents (PGYs), we act as the “employer” for tax purposes. You can access your T4 statement on the Ceridian Self-Service app. Please ensure you have registered for this tool.

Fellows wishing to claim employment expenses would have to request that their employer/funding source sign the T2200E. The form T2200E is available on the Canada Revenue Agency website.

PGME/THPPA cannot provide tax advice or assurance that the Canada Revenue Agency will accept your eligibility for the tuition credit, the education tax credit and/or employment expenses. Individuals must determine if they are eligible for these tax credits based on their own circumstances. To find out more about credits and your eligibility, you should consult a tax professional or the Canada Revenue Agency.

The following document provide an overview of the Plan A and B Group Benefits for residency trainees:

NOTE: No private or Semi-Private Hospital coverage provided.

In accordance with the current PARO-CAHO Agreement THPPA as paymaster, provides the following employee benefits for all University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine registered PGY Residents.

Employer paid Benefits Summary

  • Group Life Insurance to the value of two (2) times the annual earnings adjusted to the nearest $500.
  • Extended Health & Dental Care – NOTE: No Private or Semi-Private coverage provided.
  • Short Term Sick Leave Plan – NOTE: Paid Sick leave is a maximum six (6) months or to end of current academic appointment.
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support course.
  • Four (4) weeks paid vacation during each year – Note: No vacation carry-over.
  • Professional Leave – Maximum seven (7) working days
  • Pregnancy & Parental Leave SUP Plan – Maximum twenty-seven (27) weeks 84% Top-up benefit. Must be in receipt of Service Canada Employment (maternity/parental) Insurance benefit.

Employee Paid Benefits

  • Long Term Disability Plan (LTD) – 70% of salary, tax free to age 65.
  • Applying for Pregnancy & Parental Leave SUP Plan Leave Benefits

Service Canada (formally HRSDC) provides parents of new born or adopted children a maximum combined total of 52 weeks Maternity & Parental Leave Benefits, being 17 weeks Maternity Leave & 35 weeks of Parental Leave of which the first week is considered your Waiting Period and is currently not paid.

As Service Canada uses a seven day week, we suggest that you make your last day work a Saturday, start the leave on Sunday, end the leave on Saturday and return to work on Sunday.

Your Program Director will provide the PGME/THPPA office with your Maternity & Parental Leave dates in writing. Depending on when you start your leave, at the end of that pay period THPPA will provide you with a Record of Employment (ROE).

You can make your application for Maternity & Parental Leave Benefits on line or in person at any GTA Service Canada Centre. Their GTA office locations are listed on the above website. THPPA will send Service Canada a copy of your ROE electronically as part of the application process.

Once you begin to receive your EI benefits please send us a screenshot of your payment summary page from the Service Canada site showing the first few weeks of EI benefits paid to you. In order for THPPA to process your Top-Up, please provide us with the first two UI Stubs, showing your waiting period and first deposit into your bank account, along with your name and student number. We will then deposit the difference between the amount Service Canada provide you and 84% of your gross salary, less deductions, for a maximum of 27 weeks. Our mailing address is:

Toronto Hospitals’ Postgraduate Payroll Association (THPPA)
Postgraduate Medical Education
Temerty Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
500 University Ave. 6th floor
Toronto, Ontario M5G IV7

For inquiries please contact THPAA at;
P: 416-978-6977 or 416-978-6339
F: 416-978-7144

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