Community Preceptor Payments – Program Administrators

Data Entry: Best Practices for PA’s (re: POWER and MedSIS)

  1. Enter all rotations in a timely manner.
  2. Enter elective and/or core rotations scheduled at community‐based hospitals or doctor’s office settings.
  3. Enter the preceptor name. This is a must in order to identify to whom the payment should go to.
  4. Assign all rotations to a hospital/site/doctor’s office location. “TBA” should not be used.
  5. Where a rotation is scheduled at different sites for the same period, enter one rotation for each site.
  6. Physicians at UT affiliated hospitals should have an academic appointment before added into POWER.

For more information regarding eligibility please review the Community Preceptor Funding Program – Guidelines and Community Preceptor Funding Eligibility Matrix.

For postgraduate system related issues or inquiries, please contact the POWER Help Desk at

For undergraduate system related issues or inquiries, please contact the MedSIS Help Desk at

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