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Academic Appointments

The Temerty Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto has more than 3,000 community-based faculty members located in approximately 12 affiliated community hospitals, and several more public health agencies and office-based locations. Our faculties are practicing family physicians and specialists who have a keen interest in academic medicine.  Several of our faculty have won major teaching awards and have been strongly integrated into their respective clinical academic departments at the University of Toronto.

The Clinical Affairs website provides information on academic appointments at the UofT, as well as several key policies  and  procedures.

Documents on this include:

  • The Policy for Clinical Faculty
  • The Procedures Manual for the Policy for Clinical Faculty
  • The Guide to Clinical MD Appointments at the University of Toronto – which is aimed at our community based, physicians’ preceptors.
  • Appointment Applications Forms and Tools
  • Application Form and Checklist
  • Template: Curriculum Vitae

Please note that a current University of Toronto academic appointment is one of the requirements of the community-based preceptor payment program.

Most of our community-based preceptors are defined as “clinical part-time” or “clinical Adjunct”. Departments may require preceptors to renew their appointment on an annual basis at the discretion of the Chair; please check with your Business Manager to verify your department’s requirements.

Initiating a New Academic Appointment Academic Appointments are initiated – and maintained – by the respective University of Toronto clinical academic departments. The various definitions, types of appointments, notes on academic rank, etc. can be found in the “Guide to Clinical Appointments at the University of Toronto” document. The following algorithm demonstrates the steps needed to initiate a new academic appointment: The online guide to applying for an academic appointment can be found at Each hospital’s Medical Education, Medical Affairs or Human Resources Office is also available to provide assistance in accessing or completing the relevant appointment-related forms. The Business Manager or Chair in the relevant UofT academic department can also assist you in navigating through the  appointments  process. If you require additional assistance, please contact: Natali Chin (, Medical Education Data Specialist) Tel: 416-978-8419

Benefits for Community-Based Faculty

A variety of services and resources are available to part-time or community-based faculty at the University of Toronto. These include:

Email Addresses

All faculty members may setup a University of Toronto email access.  For your individual access information and login codes, please contact your academic department’s Business Manager.


A UTORID is an assigned username and password that faculty, staff and learners at the University of Toronto use to access or setup various portals. The UTORID is also necessary to obtain a library card. Your UTORID can be obtained from your academic department’s Business Manager.

Reduced Prices on Software

The University of Toronto’s Information Commons offers reduced prices on software and software licenses for University of Toronto faculty members. A large range of products are available from Adobe, Microsoft, Endnote and Reference Manager. You may be asked to provide your U of T personnel ID number to access the price reduction; this number can be obtained from your clinical department’s Business Manager.
Click here for available software.

Continuing Education (CE) and Faculty Development (FD)

Academic Appointments Academic Promotions

A large range of resources are available to faculty members via the Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Development or the Centre for Faculty Development at the University  of Toronto. Visit their websites for further information on programs, activities and opportunities that are available. In addition, many of the clinical academic departments host their own CE or FD  programs, including conferences, orientation programs for new faculty, assistance with grants for research in education, and mentorship programs.

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