Register for UHIP

As a mandatory component of registration, you must purchase healthcare coverage under the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) at the PGME office for yourself and accompanying family members upon your arrival in Canada, or twenty (20) days before your designated training start date.  Upon your arrival to Canada, please upload your signed form(s) listed below, along with your work permit and passports (including your dependent’s passports – if applicable), to the PGME Forms Site. 

If you arrive more than 20 days prior to the start date of your training, you should purchase a travel insurance policy at until you are eligible for UHIP enrollment. 

The Ministry of Health announced it is temporarily waiving the three-month waiting period for coverage under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) due to the COVID19 pandemic. Read the provincial government’s announcement here. This means you may only need to purchase one month of the University Health Insurance Plan upon your arrival to Canada if your enrollment in OHIP is not from your date of entrance to Canada. 


Information about how to fill out and complete the UHIP application form can be found here: How to complete the application form brochure ( 

Please note:

Complete only the fillable-fields, leaving all remaining fields blank.
Fill out only the member form if you are travelling alone. If you are bringing your spouse and/or children, please complete dependent information.

Field-specific Instructions

  • Member ID: Your 8-digit trainee ID# found on your Letter of Appointment.
  • Member last name: This is your last name.
  • First name: Your first name.
  • Middle name: Your middle name (not mandatory).
  • Date of birth: Your date of birth.
  • Gender: Your gender.
  • E-mail address: University of Toronto email address is mandatory
  • Telephone number: Your current and primary telephone number.

Dependent information (only fill out this information if you have a dependent spouse and/or children who will be living with you during your training program)

  • Last name: The dependent’s last name.
  • First name: The dependent’s first name.
  • Middle initial: The first letter of the dependent’s middle name(s) (not mandatory).
  • Gender: The dependent’s gender.
  • Relationship: The dependent’s relationship to you (spouse or child only).

Should you have any questions regarding UHIP, please contact Ms. Angelina Sulay.

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