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About Empathy Podcast

Season 4 of the About Empathy Podcast has been published. This is a podcast created by faculty members at Temerty Medicine (Dr. Irene Ying, Dr. Dori Seccareccia and Dr. Giovanna Sirianni) as a teaching tool for programs and courses. The aim of the podcast is to use narrative to help support compassionate healthcare-provider interactions. This is an open-source tool that Program Directors and teachers can use as a standalone resource, to spark discussion/reflection or as an adjunct teaching tool. New and previous episodes can be found at or listeners can subscribe via Spotify, Apple, Google and Amazon Podcasts.

In each episode, the hosts and creators interview patients, caregivers or healthcare providers, followed by a debrief on lessons learned by the physician hosts. Many of the guests are either experiencing a serious illness themselves or working with someone who has been impacted by a serious illness. This season’s episodes include a son’s reflections on his father’s legacy, a medical student’s personal experience with trauma, a caregiver’s thoughts on virtual care, lessons on person-centred care and a patient’s perspective on the impacts of cancer on their life. Previous episodes have included discussions on advance care planning (ACP), children’s grief, physician wellness, cancer survivorship, and medical assistance in dying (MAID), among others.

If you would like to reach out to the team, feel free to email Giovanna Sirianni ( with your questions and/or feedback.

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