NEW Learner

Canadian Citizens/Permanent Resident

Steps to follow

1) Login to POWER (Complete Now)

  • Review the email sent by PGME with your POWER credentials
  • If needed, retrieve your pin and/or password. Click "Forgot your pin and/or password?" on the login page

Enter the email address you use in POWER and click "Send". Your pin/password will be immediately sent to your email address (check your junk mail).

Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for optimal performance when accessing POWER.

2) Sign the Letter of Appointment (LOA) (Complete Now)

  • In POWER, go to the "LOA Documents" to review and ensure accuracy of your LOA. If all is correct, type your name and click on the "Submit" button. This is your electronic signature indicating your acceptance of the appointment.
  • The LOA will only reflect training in the upcoming academic year (July 1- June 30). If your training continues past June 30, you will receive a new LOA next Spring. 

CPSO begins to accept LOAs in mid-April each year. PGME will automatically forward your signed LOA in mid-April, which is part of your CPSO license application.

3) Submit a Level 3 Vulnerable Sector Screen (VSS) Police Record Check (Order VSS Immediately!)

Please note different police stations or regions may use different terms, below are a few you may encounter. 

  • Police Record Check (PRC) or Criminal Record Check (CRC)
  • Vulnerable Sector Screen (VSS) or Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) 
  • Most importantly learners are applying for a LEVEL 3 Check

  • Submit a Level 3 Police Record Check with a Vulnerable Sector Screen (VSS) report prior to the start of training. It is your professional responsibility to report any changes to status within 7 business days to the PGME office at 
  • Please note, it may take 4+ months to receive a VSS report from some police stations – PLEASE ORDER IMMEDIATELY!
  • The VSS report must be requested from the Canadian police station that serves the area where you currently reside in Canada.
  • If applying with Toronto Police Services (TPS), TPS encourages learners to register and apply online, and follow the online instructions.
  • For those applying with the Toronto Police Services (postal code must begin with “M’), please see ‘Instructions to Apply for a Level 3 VSS & Paper Application Form’ for Toronto Police Services ONLY in the ‘LOA Documents’ folder in POWER.  
  • Ensure the VSS report is dated within 6 months of your postgraduate appointment start date to be considered valid.
  • Upload your VSS report once received to the PGME Form Site.   
  • PGME will only accept a Level 3 VSS as it is a mandatory registration requirement. 

Are you Canadian living abroad? We recognize some learners are in the process of securing housing, once you have confirmed housing and have a Canadian address, please initiate Level 3 VSS process at your local Canadian police station. If you have any concerns or further questions, please e-mail us at

What if my VSS report comes back “Not Clear” or I am unable to attest? The majority of VSS reports are “clear” indicating no police record was found. If your VSS report is “not clear” or you are unable to attest, please contact PGME IMMEDIATELY at as further review will be required by a confidential Expert Panel of the Temerty Faculty of Medicine. The Temerty Faculty of Medicine reserves the right to revoke an appointment or cancel registration based on a review of this report.

4) Register with the College of Physicians & Surgeons (CPSO) (Complete 3 Months before Start Date)

  • Ensure your LOA in POWER is signed before registering
  • Create a New Portal Account and register with CPSO.
  • PGME automatically forwards your signed LOA directly to CPSO in mid-April.
  • Please allow CPSO sufficient time to process (CPSO processing time can take 3-5 weeks).
  • Regularly check on your application status in your CPSO Member's Portal.
  • If your CPSO account does not reflect the LOA by the end of May or 30 days after CPSO receives your signed LOA, please email to resend.

Do not begin medical practice or postgraduate training in Ontario until you have received confirmation from the CPSO that you are registered. It is an offence under the Regulated Health Professions Act for a person to practice medicine in Ontario, postgraduate training included, until such time as an appropriate certificate of registration has been renewed or issued.

5) Submit Immunization Records (Complete 2+ Months before Start Date)

  • Download the following forms from ‘LOA Documents’ folder in POWER:
    • Immunization form
    • Mask Fit form. 
  • Upload your completed forms to the PGME Form Site
  • Updated forms must be received within 60+ DAYS of start date to avoid potential delays in training start date.
  • Your full immunization and mask fit forms are to be completed and signed by a clinic/healthcare center, or health care professional other than yourself. 
  • Training 1 year or more, you will have 2 months to acquire your mask fit test at the hospital training site of your first rotation.
  • Training less than 1 year, you will need to supply your mask fit information before your training start date.
    • Learners who have a communicable disease or are carriers of an infectious agent (Hepatitis B/C or HIV) must contact for consideration by the Expert Panel on Infection Control. 
    • Appointments for carriers are conditional upon review of the Expert Panel on Infection Control.
    • Learners CANNOT register without a complete immunization record. 
  • It is mandatory to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination to PGME. You will not be able to participate in clinical activities if proof of vaccination is not provided. Please upload proof of vaccination to the PGME Form Site
  • Your ‘Immunization Alert(s)’ under ‘Messages’ on your initial view page in POWER will outline what is missing/expired and requires your attention.

More details on PGME Immunization Requirements

6) Register with Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) (Complete 2 Months before Start Date)

  • Create an account on the CMPA website for malpractice protection. Please see contact details for CMPA
  • This is a MANDATORY registration requirement for all those with a CPSO licence.
  • Ensure your CMPA coverage dates MATCH the training START date in POWER. You cannot start without CMPA coverage MATCHING your training START date.

Already have CMPA coverage, but you're new to U of T? If you previously attended another school in Canada for your PGME training, please ensure you contact CMPA and update your record from your old school to University of Toronto so your CMPA data will be included in our daily data import.

Already have CMPA coverage with U of T? CMPA provides PGME with daily data imports which may take 48 hours to be reflected on your POWER profile.

7) Setup your Payroll (Residents Only) (Complete Now)

Are you a Resident (PGY Learner) funded by Ontario Ministry of Health? If yes, your paymaster is Toronto Hospitals Postgraduate Payroll Association (THPPA), and you must complete the following:

  • Download the following forms from 'LOA Documents' folder in POWER:
    • Federal TD1 tax deduction form
    • Provincial TD1 tax deduction form
  • Upload the 2 completed tax forms and a VOID cheque to the PGME Form Site
  • After May 8, a secure email from Docu-Sign will be sent for electronic signature of your Sunlife beneficiary nomination.
  • Further details can be found on the THPPA Memo in POWER under 'LOA Documents'
  • Please note when completing these forms your Member ID Number is your Social Insurance Number.

For further information, contact THPPA at For Ministry of Health funded returning residents, please report any changes that may affect your PARO benefits or direct deposit information to

8) Complete Hospital Health & Safety Policy Modules (Complete Modules 8-9 Now & Modules 1-7 after May 8)

Our training sites and hospitals require all learners to complete 9 MANDATORY Hospital Health and Safety Policy (HHSP) Modules.  PGME collects the completed modules on behalf of training sites and hospitals so that you will only have to complete per the timelines below prior to the start of training. Modules 1 through 7 are available and to be completed in POWER after MAY 8.

  • Select 'HHSP' Modules in the main menu on POWER
  • Click on each outstanding module in POWER and work through to completion.
    1. Donning on Doffing Personal Protective Equipment (required every 2 years)
    2. Emergency Colour Code System (required every 2 years)
    3. Integrated Privacy and Cyber Security eLearning (required annually)
      *Please take a screenshot of the completion page in case this auto upload times out.
    4. Hand Hygiene (required every 2 years)
    5. Sharps Safety Module (required every 2 years)
    6. Workplace Violence and Harassment (required every 2 years)
    7. WHMIS-Workers Hazardous Materials Information Systems (required every 2 years)
    8. Worker Health and Safety Awareness Module
    9. Working Together: The Code and the AODA Module
  • Modules 8 and 9 can be completed before May 8 as they are available online (see links below) - both require one-time completion, if you have previously completed please save a copy of your certificate for future use and upload to the PGME Form Site.
  • Upload the save certificates to PGME Forms Site
  • Completion of these modules with confirmation on the POWER system means this training does not have to be repeated as you start a rotation at a new training site.

Modules 1-7 preferred browsers include: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
Module 8 preferred browsers include: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Safari 
Module 9 preferred browsers include: Chrome 20 or higher, Firefox 4 or higher, Microsoft Edge or Safari

9) Pay Registration Fee (Only after ALL above steps are completed)

  • Pay your registration fee by Visa, Mastercard or American Express on POWER under 'Payment' tab

The registration fee for the 2024-2025 academic year is $945 and is NON-REFUNDABLE.

If your appointment is less than a full year, for example July to September, your registration fee will be prorated. 

10) Print confirmation of Registration (Only after ALL above steps are completed)

Upon completion you can print a confirmation of Registration from the initial view page in POWER using the 'Reg. Confirmation' section. This may be required by the hospital training sites, UofT Libraries or TCard Office as proof of registration with the Temerty Faculty of Medicine. Be sure to select the correct academic year at the top of your screen.

*For more information on access to other services please visit the PGME website

If ALL the above steps are completed, confirm you are fully registered under 'MESSAGES' in POWER.