Social Responsibility Award

In Postgraduate Medical Education


This award recognizes outstanding contributions of faculty members and medical residents/fellows in the development and/or implementation of socially responsible initiatives, programs or research related to postgraduate medical education.


Up to two awards may be presented annually. Each winner will receive a certificate with a financial prize. Winners will be notified directly. Faculty recipients will be recognized at the Faculty’s Annual Educational Achievement Event in May. The award recognizes one faculty member and one postgraduate trainee (resident or fellow) who are:

  • Faculty: Any faculty member in any department, who participates in the education of postgraduate trainees at the University of Toronto.
  • Resident/Fellow: Any resident/fellow currently registered as a trainee with the postgraduate medical education office.

Nomination Process

  • Nominations can be made by any faculty member or trainee, or the nominee themselves.
  • Faculty member nominations must be supported by a Department Chair.
  • Trainee nominations must be supported by a Residency, Fellowship, or Site Director.
  • The nominator is responsible for the collection and submission of the award nomination package and informing the nominee of their nomination.
  • Departments may strike a committee to review and rank nominations. Each department may submit up to two nominees in each category (Faculty and Trainee).
  • The nomination cover letter must be addressed to Dr. Meredith Giuliani, Associate Dean, and must reference the award category, Postgraduate Medical Education Social Responsibility Award.

Criteria and Considerations

  • Contribution of the nominee to assessing or meeting the health needs of vulnerable, marginalized or underserved individuals, communities or populations.
  • The degree of collaboration and partnerships with individuals, communities and organizations.
  • Nominee leadership and advocacy, overall and within postgraduate programs.
  • Contributions of the nominee to scholarship in the area of social responsibility/accountability.
  • Contribution of the nominee to awareness and promotion of social responsibility/accountability among trainees and/or faculty and as a PGME priority.
  • Role of the nominee in local, national and international initiatives which are committed to developing critical perspectives on socio-economic factors which affect optimal individual or community health.
  • The nominee contributes to and advocates for socially and politically responsible, evidence–informed and sustainable, improvements to health care systems.
  • Contributions to the development of future faculty and medical trainee leadership in social responsibility/accountability.
  • Nominee commitment and contribution to providing comprehensive care to diverse and vulnerable populations.
  • Contribution to addressing the determinants of health, health promotion, disease or injury prevention among individuals, communities and populations.


The electronic submission packages must include the following required documents as well as a completed checklist. Please mark each box with a check and submit it electronically with the four required documents in PDF. Without the completed checklist form the nomination will be considered incomplete.

  1. A nomination form that includes the supporting signature of the chair or program/site director.
  2. A letter describing how the nominee meets the selection criteria and outlines their contribution to social responsibility/accountability in postgraduate medical education.
  3. Two Reference letters. References may be from faculty, colleagues, residents and administrators or from relevant agencies or organizations.
  4. Complete Curriculum Vitae.

Selection Process

The nominations will be reviewed and ranked by the Global Health Awards Committee. The nominating chairs and winners will be notified at the beginning of April. If you have any questions, please contact Arlene McKinley.

*Incomplete applications will be discarded without consideration.*

For further details, see the detailed Information Sheet.

Current and Past Award Recipients

Please see below a list of award recipients, or view the recipient gallery.

2024 Sacha Agrawal Adom Bondzi-Simpson
    Betty Yibrehu
2023 Petal Abdool Victoria Reedman
2022 Modupe Tunde-Byass Tina Madzima
2021 Michaela Beder Julianna Deutscher
2020 Tony Barozzino Vivian Tam
  Alpna Munshi  
2019 Ashna Bowry Bushra Khan
2018 Mel Kahan Amy Gajaria
2017 Andrew Pinto Laura Erdman
2016 Adrienne Chan Danielle Rodin
  Sharmistha Mishra  
2015 Lisa Andermann Nicole Kozloff
  Kenneth Fung