Directing Your Questions to the Appropriate Contact

This page is designed to help direct your questions to the correct office or individual. We recommend reading each category and description to find the appropriate contact.

If your question relates to:


  • PGME Registration (Appointments, Visas, Immunization, Mask Fitting, Level 3 VSS/VSC, CPSO, CMPA)

  • International Learners (work permit, UHIP, Registration Committee Letter of Support (IMGs), sponsored visa learners)

  • Training Pathways (Residents, Clinical Fellows, Visiting Electives, Transfers)

  • Finance & Operations (Toronto Hospitals' Postgraduate Payroll Association THPPA - Resident payroll, resident call stipends, tax forms, resident employment confirmation letters)

  • Administration questions (i.e. Completion of Training Certificates, Verification of Training - can confirm registration & appointment dates only)

  • Systems Support & Data Analytics (Postgraduate Web Evaluation and Registration - POWER, Elentra, UTORid)

  • Curriculum and Learner Assessment (i.e., PGCorED, Board of Examiners, Remedial Services)

  • Accreditation (AFC programs)

  • Global Health

Contact PGME Office

Your Training Program

  • Admissions Process

  • Curriculum Support & Evaluation

  • Rotation Schedules

  • Training Details

  • Vacation/Leave Requests

  • Training Requirements

  • CBME

Contact your Program Admin

PARO - Training, Working Conditions, Transitions

  • PARO-CAHO collective agreement

  • Maximum Duty Hours, Call Scheduling, Back-Up Call, Post-call

  • Call Stipends, Qualifying Shifts

  • Restricted Registration

  • Travel Reimbursement, Vacation, Statutory Holidays, Professional Leave

  • Extended Health Care Benefits, Salary and Benefit Continuance

  • Accommodations

  • Pregnancy and Parental Leave


  • Academic Half Days

  • Non-Contract Issues (1-1 Support)

  • PARO - COVID-19

Learn More and Contact PARO

Office of Learner Affairs

  • Development and Support of Academic and Clinical Skills

  • Accommodations & Accessibility

  • Career Counselling

  • Addressing Experiences of Mistreatment

  • Personal Counselling

  • Program Transfers

  • Leaves (planned, unplanned)

  • Spaces for Learners

Learn More and Contact the Office of Learner Affairs (OLA)