The purpose of the CSCI/CIHR Award is to recognize the best resident research project conducted during a RCPSC/CFPC training program. The application will be considered on overall merit and such criteria as: research design, evidence of research ethics compliance, contribution of research to the field of study, originality, relevance of study, quality of end product (i.e. paper, poster, presentation and educational innovation).


  • An award of $1,000.
  • A complimentary two year CSCI membership.
  • A certificate signed by the CIHR and CSCI presidents.

Presentation of the Award

The award is presented to the winner by a CSCI member of the faculty. The winner is expected to make a short presentation on some aspect of clinical research. The presentation could be part of an existing division/department teaching activity e.g. Grand Rounds

Criteria and Considerations

There are no restrictions on the type of research eligible for the award. However, the research must have been completed while applicants were residents.

Application Process

Each applicant must submit all of the following as a complete package via e-mail to Arlene McKinley.

  • Nomination Form (The deadline for this award is Friday, July 5, 2024 at 11:59pm)
  • Completed project report/publication/product
  • 300 word abstract of the project
  • Letter of reference from Program Director or Designated Program Research Coordinator

Selection Process

The applications will be reviewed and ranked by the Postgraduate Awards Committee. Winners will be notified in October. A memo will be sent out to all Program Directors in early May regarding the CSCI/CIHR awards and a reminder sent a week before the deadline.

If you have any questions, please contact Arlene McKinley.

* Incomplete applications will be discarded without consideration.

Current & Past Winners

Please see below a list of award recipients.

2020 Alexandre Boutet 2010 Mark Sinyor 2003 Eve Tsai
2021 Maria Cusimano 2011 Emilie Jean-St.-Michel 2004 Subodh Verma
2022 Tanya Chen 2012 Douglas Cook 2005 Bradley Jacobs
  Elysia Grose 2013 Crystal Chan 2006 Daniel Hackam
2023 Jethro Kwong 2014 Nir Lipsman 2007 Aleixo Muise
    2015 Benjamin Steinberg 2008 Daniel Mandell
    2016 Mark Cicero 2009 John De Almeida
    2017 Kim Tsoi    
    2018 Daniel Pincus    
    2019 Amine Mazine