PARO Resident Teaching Award

As in previous years, the PARO Trust Fund will provide an award of $1,000 each to two winners from every university centre in Ontario. This award acknowledges two senior residents who have provided outstanding clinical teaching experiences to junior residents and clinical clerks. The winners are also invited to the PARO Clinical Teaching Awards Banquet, traditionally held in May.


  1. The award is given annually to two senior residents who exemplify outstanding clinical teaching achievement at his/her teaching institution.
  2. The resident nominated must be registered with the Postgraduate Medical Education Office in a program leading to certification towards either the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada or the College of Family Physicians of Canada.
  3. Nominations should be made by junior residents and clinical clerks. The letter must include the name of the resident, the reason for the nomination and explain how the resident demonstrated excellence in clinical teaching.
  4. The nomination letter must be forwarded to the resident’s Program Director.
  5. The Program Director will forward up to two nominations accompanied by a letter of support for each nominee to the Postgraduate Medical Education Office.
  6. Please submit the nomination package in PDF via email to Arlene McKinley at

If you have any questions, please contact Arlene McKinley.

Current & Past Award Recipients

Please see below a list of award recipients.

2020 Rebecca Cherniak 2010 Yvette Miller-Monthrope 2003 Lorne Zinman
  Massimo Tarulli   Jiwon Oh 2004 Scott Walsh
2021 Susan Armstrong 2011 Nikola Grujich 2005 Daniel Isaac Schwartz
  Priti Gros   Michel Shamy 2006 Gelareh Mohammadzadeh
2022 Asfandyar Mufti 2012 Thamer Al Abbasi 2007 Hans Katzberg
  Ryan Muir   Derek MacFadden 2008 Efrem Mandelcorn
2023 Michael Nguyen 2013 George Porfiris 2009 Michael Ko
  Stephanie Kuntz       Richard Swartz
2024 Joseph DubĂ© 2014 Michael Fralick    
  James Im   Debra Hamer    
    2015 Alireza Mansouri    
      Heather Millar    
    2016 Michael Corbo    
      Dimitrios Tsirigotis    
    2017 Mathew Leonardi    
      Karen Wang    
    2018 Rajesh Bhayana    
      Cathryn Sibbald    
    2019 Elizabeth Miazga    
      Andrew Gao