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PGME Reports & Communications

Resident Surveys

Please see below a table of PGME resident exit survey reports.

Document Academic Session Document Format
2016 Voice of the Resident Survey – Highlights 2015-16 PDF
Resident Exit Survey 2011-12 PDF
Resident Exit Survey 2010-11 PDF
Five Years of the Resident Exit Survey 2005-06 to 2009-10 PDF


Other Reports & Communications

Please see below a table of other relevant PGME reports & communications.

Document Year Document Format
2016-17 Scholarly Activities 2017 Internal webpage
2017-18 Scholarly Activities 2018 Internal webpage
2018-19 Scholarly Activities 2019 Internal webpage
2019-20 Scholarly Activities 2020 Internal webpage
2020-21 Scholarly Activities 2021 Internal webpage
Answering the Challenge 2009 – 2016
(Report of the Fellowship Education Advisory Committee)
2016 PDF
Best Practices in Application & Selection (BPAS) 2013 PDF
Best Practices in Evaluation and Assessment (BPEA) 2017 CBME Website
Best Practices in PGME Program Support (Gullane Task Force Report) 2014 PDF
Best Practices in Rotation Evaluations 2015 PDF
Ebola Virus Disease Message & Screening Algorithm 2014 PDF
Five-Year Summary of Responses to Recommendations
(Inquest into the Deaths of: Dustin N. King & Donna M. Bertrand)
2017 PDF
Future of Medical Education in Canada Postgraduate Project 2012 PDF
MERS-CoV Screening Algorithm & Information 2014 PDF
PGME Strategic Plan 2012-2017 2012 PDF
PGME Strategic Plan 2018-2023 2018 PDF
The Role of the University in Clinical Fellowship Education 2017 PDF
Zika Virus Fact Sheet 2016 PDF