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About PGCorEd for Residents

The University of Toronto PGCorEd is a series of self-directed, virtual learning modules which cover foundational, intrinsic competencies required for medical professionals. PGCorEd was devised to meet the learning needs of residents and accreditation standards required of Royal College Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and College of Family Physicians of Canada training programs. 

Until the end of December 2022, residents from PGY1 entry programs at the University of Toronto were required to complete all modules by the end of their PGY-2 year.

Current Requirements

The following changes in PGCorEd requirements have been made to increase program and learner flexibility and reduces the out-of-duty hours workload for early residents. While the concepts remain important to postgraduate medical education and practice, we recognize that each residency training program may benefit from greater autonomy when integrating these themes into their formal education.

Effective July 1, 2024, the PGCorEd module "Teaching in Residency" will be the only mandatory module and must be completed within the first 3 months of residency training at the University of Toronto.

All other PGCorEd Modules will be designated as supplementary. Each training program will determine near the beginning of the academic year, which, if any, of the additional modules below are to be required by their residents.

Supplementary PG modules include:

  • Collaborator
  • Communication with and for patients
  • End of life care
  • Health advocacy and health systems
  • Leader
  • Patient safety
  • Professionalism

Residents must check with their Program Director to determine whether supplementary modules will be required or optional within their program.

Module Content

Each module consists of a pre-test, four or five seminars (a combination of videos, animations, polls and embedded questions), and a post-test.

For the Teaching in Residency module, residents must achieve a minimum of 70% on the post-test to successfully complete the module.

Accessing PGCorEd: 

On formal enrolment in your program, you will be provided with a University of Toronto ID (UTORid) and password that you will use to log into PGCorEd online. 

PGCorEd Module Content Acknowledgements

The following is a listing of each module published in PGCorEd, which links to a page of acknowledgements for their respective content creators.

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