Julia Alleyne

Faculty Lead, Internal Review - Family Medicine

Portrait of Julia Alleyne

The PGME Faculty Lead, Internal Review Committee (IRC) – Family Medicine is responsible for providing strategic input into the accreditation and internal review process for PGME Family and Community Medicine programs. The Faculty Lead is responsible for providing advice and guidance to Family and Community Medicine programs and sites on action plan development, accreditation documentation development and to help foster a mindset of accreditation as a continuous improvement process.

Dr. Julia Alleyne is an Associate Professor with the University of Toronto Department of Family and Community Medicine (DFCM) and completed her MSc(CH) in 2008 with a focus on health professional education. Within the DFCM, she has been involved in residency training as a clinical teacher, program lead for Sports and Exercise Medicine, program director for Enhanced Skills training, and associate director for Academic Fellowship and Graduate studies. Dr. Alleyne is affiliated with Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Health Network.